Planet Pre5G Coverage

Planet provides the best Pre5G coverage in Vientiane. We are continuously working to improve and expand our coverage throughout the capital. To search for Planet Pre5G's availability, check if your premises is located within the highlighted area (in green) on our coverage map below:

If you're not currently within our coverage area

Subscribe to our waiting list below, as we continue to expand the network. Our customer service will contact you as soon as our coverage reaches you area.




Important coverage map information

We prepare our maps very carefully. As our network grows we regularly update our coverage mapping information. However we cannot guarantee that you’ll enjoy wireless coverage in every corner of the city or within all buildings. As with any wireless network, coverage is affected by unusual terrain or other natural, structural or environmental factors such as buildings, roads and hills.

We always recommend that customers check their coverage before they purchase a device and activate a service. However if within 14 days of purchase you cannot receive a satisfactory service call the Sales and Service Centre, who may be able to improve your signal strength with troubleshooting. If we confirm that your signal strength is poor we will refund the purchase price and any data plan charges. See our Moneyback Guarantee Policy.


Money Back Guarantee

This policy applies to our 4G services.

We offer a 7 day money back guarantee (MBG) if you cannot use our service due to poor coverage.

If, within 7 days of purchase, you signed up to a plan then you plug in your Indoor modem, USB modem or MiFi device, and believe that you cannot receive our service, please ring our Sales and Service Centre on 021 218972-4. We will conduct tests while you are on the phone to determine whether you are able to receive a satisfactory signal.

You will only be eligible to receive this MBG if you have made a reasonable attempt to establish a connection and our tests show that you cannot receive a satisfactory signal.

We will give you a full refund of the purchase price, any plan charges that you have paid and any additional monthly service charges that you have paid for in advance.

You must return the equipment in its original undamaged condition together with accessories, CDs, cables, anything else included, and the original packaging. We will pay the return costs, but we will not refund your original registration fee.

The refund will be applied to the account that you pay us from. We will process your refund after we receive your returned device. If your returned device is received and we find that the conditions of the guarantee have not been met, for example the device is damaged or some items have not been returned, you will not be eligible for refund.

We reserve the right to limit the number of times that we will accept MBG returns from you. If we think that our products or services just won’t suit you, we will complete your latest return and refund, and advise you that you should seek an alternative Internet service.